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Church Video Announcements; a Love/Hate Relationship

I like church video announcements because I see them as a great way to communicate things in a way that someone standing at a podium reading the┬ábulletin┬ácan’t. I hate church video announcements because they are often viewed or esteemed to be doing something that they’re incapable of doing. Not to mention that they seem to […]

Church IMAG Directors – You Are A Worship Leader

To: Church IMAG Video Directors Whether you realize it or not, you are a worship leader. But, I have no musical ability and I don’t even sing in the shower for fear that some one might accidentally hear me and claw their ears off so that they never have to hear me again! It doesn’t […]

Stewardship – The Red Line

In this time of financial instability, much has been made about good stewardship when it comes to our money and other resources. What about our most important resource, people? Money, tools, time… these are all diminishing resources; we always wish that we had more and are constantly trying to figure out how to make best […]

Tips for Church Video Announcements

I recently checked my stats and was surprised to find out how many people land here looking for information about doing church video announcements. I love helping churches communicate well! So, getting back to my intent for this to be a resource for other church media producers, I submit the following video announcement tips: Keep […]

Echo 2012 – Why Should I Go?

This video is actually a good peek into my life and thus, the reason I haven’t been much of a blogger lately. – I’m going again this year… and I cannot wait! Join me! Click HERE for more information.

It’s about us – Echo 2011

That title will probably rub some people wrong, but if you go to the conference website, you’ll see that it is “an event for artists, geeks, and storytellers”… so it’s about that ‘us’. Let me start by saying that I was not asked to post something about Echo, I’m sure that no one there even […]

Confessions of a Church Video Director: Run Over

This post will start with a visual aid, a moment from my career as a TV camera operator back in 2003 when I was covering an NBA game in Phoenix, AZ. (Embedded video HERE) That was my job. Right on the court, just inches from large athletes moving at top speed. This clip shows just […]

Taming the Chaos

As much as we might deny it, the first church service of the weekend, whether it’s Saturday night or first thing Sunday morning, often times really is a dress rehearsal. There really is no end to the possibilities as to why… The bottom line is that this is the first time that we’re doing this […]

Good information for Church Super Bowl Parties

Much has been said, or even rumored to have been said regarding the legality of holding a Super Bowl party at your church; here is some great legal information:

Behind the Tech; Confessions of a Church Video Director

I’ve been thinking about some things lately… things regarding the many aspects of working in media and in ministry. We, the techies… the artists… the producers… can get so wrapped up in what we do and how we do it that we can completely miss the God who we claim to work for. This may […]


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