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Flip out and follow

I’m sitting here on my porch, drinking coffee and watching the rain. This, to me, is a perfect morning. No tight schedule to be thinking about, no where in particular to be. Oh, I have things to do… just not right this moment. I need this moment for me.

Reading Mark 10:46-52

Jesus had an interesting pattern. As he walked the roads, increasing with popularity and hatred, he could have just taken a scatter-gun-healing approach… make a big splash… blow ’em all away with magical feats of healing… but He didn’t. He merely moved about, showing himself as teacher first, then healer. Concerned more with people’s faith than their physical needs.

A man named Bartimaeus saw him coming and flipped out! Maybe I have an over-active imagination, but I think he flipped out! He started yelling at Jesus, “Have mercy on me!” Of course, the crowds tried to shut him up; we can’t have people just flipping out and going after what could be the Savior of all man-kind now, can we? Just go with the flow… watch from a distance… don’t get involved. Bartimaeus would have none of that… he flipped out even louder!

v. 49: When Jesus heard him, he stopped and said, “Tell him to come here”

Two words catch my eye: he stopped

I can picture hundreds, if not thousands, of people following along, waiting to see what might happen next. One guy decides watching isn’t going to be enough, especially since he’s BLIND! He would not be denied an audience with Jesus. He cried out over and over and Jesus stopped and called him over… through all of the noise and chaos, he stopped.

He finally gets to Jesus, who asks a question that he no doubt already knows that answer to: “What do you want me to do for you?”

I don’t imagine that Bartimaeus had to think about it… my guess is that the words fell out if his mouth before he could even process the moment. “Teacher, I want to see!”

Then, perhaps the most important part of the story… after being healed, it is recorded that the man who was blind and could now see followed Jesus down the road.

That is my cry today. I want to flip out and beg for mercy! Jesus, I want to see! I want to see how you see. I want to see what you are doing. I want to see what you want me to do. …and I want to follow you down the road.


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