Still in the game

For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn. Romans 11:29

I spoke at Varsity, my church’s high school ministry tonight. It was such an amazing experience and a reassurance that God can still use me in some capacity to minister to young people. I started working with youth in 1986 and can’t believe that God still trusts me to deliver His word to an age group that seems to get further and further from my own… yet there I was tonight, in front of a room full of 112 kids who still break my heart, even though I’ve never met many of them. I haven’t spoken to a high school audience for close to a year and it was so good to operate in an area that Jesus makes me passionate about

I want to publicly thank my friend Josh Bradley for trusting me enough to give me his pulpit (could that sound any church-ier?). While we have forged a great friendship, I know that there had to be some trepidation in allowing a virtual unknown take such an important place. I hope I did you right! You have a great group of kids… and when they all realize their potential in Christ, look out Greenville… look out world!

Special thanks also go out to Josh M, Elicia, and and all of the adult leaders of Varsity for loving those kids enough to be there every week, making it very easy for the “video guy” to blow in and preach. You guys rock!


3 comments on “Still in the game

  1. Incredible job last night man!!! Hey let me know what you want to learn on the wordpress thing and I’ll help as much as I can.

  2. I hear you rocked it dude. Thanks so much for making a difference!

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