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How does this work?

I find myself in a quantum leap of connectivity here of late. I’m completely addicted to twitter, I add more blogs to my “must read” list almost every day, and now I have my own blog. I want to connect with people that I have read about, who I admire, and who share like interests and goals. How do they find me? With millions of blogs, how does mine stand out? Do I just start dropping names in hopes of catching people on a search engine drive-by? Do I hope that having some cool and influential people on my blog roll will somehow garner some attention? I don’t know… and that fascinates me.

So, dear reader.. however you stumbled across this attempt-to-connect; thanks for stopping by.

My name is Steve. I am a:

Christ-follower, husband, father, story-teller/video producer.

Let’s connect.


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