Are you busy?

Today, I’m struggling with a question: Am I doing ministry, or do I just work at a church? This is something that I’m really trying to find an answer to. The truth that I feel faced with is that often I am so busy with busy-ness that I don’t give “ministry” much thought. At the end of the week I’m not sure that I have done much to advance the cause that I claim to have sold-out to. Is there a single person whose life has changed because of something I have done? This is an unsettling thought for me. I made a decision three years ago to leave my weird career in video and television production and go work for God… I’d be lying if I said there aren’t days that I doubt myself and my choices.

I read a great post by Craig Groeschel that is gnawing at me:

Do you truly want to make a difference in this world? Do you want generations to be different because you knew Christ? Do you want to lead a church that will impact your city, state, and the world? Do you want your preaching to awaken dormant spirits, stir complacent hearts, convict wayward sinners?

Then pray this prayer: “God, please break me.”

He will.

And when He does, you’ll be ruined—in the best sort of way.

  • Your heart will ache for those without Christ.
  • You’ll despise spiritual complacency.
  • You’ll see the darkness of your heart clearly.
  • You’ll be bothered deeply by things you used to easily overlook.
  • You’ll cry often and easily.
  • You’ll know Jesus more intimately.

“Break us… Oh, Lord! Break us!”


3 comments on “Are you busy?

  1. great stuff man. I asked myself those questions after reading your blog. It’s great for perspective. thanks.

  2. I spent 30 minutes on a reply only to delete it…. You have given me something to chew on because I have been dealing with some internal struggles related to a tech team I recently stepped away from.

    I saw 40+ hours a week volunteers stay even later to meet the media demands of the church. Some burned out, some are still burning the midnight oil on a weekly basis. I have also seen tech centric, God centered work turn into tech centered work.

    It’s frustrating to see and what I have learned is that tech ministry should be just like any other ministry. Focused on God, focused on people, then focused on the task, because without the first two, the task is just work.

    I am no seasoned veteran of ministry, so I could be totally wrong. But that’s the best I have come up with so far.

  3. I have to say that yes, you have already made a huge difference…more than you will ever know. There are people all over this world that have been impacted because you had the nerve to step out in faith and go to the other side of the world…you know where that was. People in AZ, NM, TX, LA and the Czech Republic have been blessed by the work that you did!

    So…you have positively impacted this world for the cause for Christ! Thank you for your work and please never doubt your past decisions because if you never made that leap of faith there would be hundreds if not thousands of people that would have been left out from the blessing of the abilities that God has gifted you to do.

    P.S. Sorry about the sermon! I just miss you on these missions because you were such a blessing!

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