Cool People

I’m really not much of a name dropper… I’m just not that into it; BUT… I had a great opportunity today to meet Jon & Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate + 8 on TLC. They are in town this weekend speaking at a couple of different churches and I had arranged to have them come in and do an interview on video that we are hoping to use in our Mother’s & Father’s Day services.

I just let the tape run and we talked for about 45 minutes… What great people! I think anyone who watches any kind of reality TV wonders how much of it is fake, scripted, etc. I can tell you after spending some time with these folks, they are genuine! They are so much like the people you see on their show… just real people that have a boat-load of kids! They spoke about their struggles and victories with complete transparency. I really appreciate that their show is true-to-life… and that even though they don’t get to “preach” their faith, they live it out in each episode by loving each other and their kids through all of the chaos. If you haven’t ever seen the show, it’s a lot of fun to watch… my wife and I have the DVR set for it each week, check it out.


2 comments on “Cool People

  1. Awesome!!!!
    I’m sooooo envious. If I could meet any “Reality” stars, they’d be the ones. Too bad the “8” weren’t there. That would’ve been the icing on the cake. So cool that Bear got to meet them too!

    Luv Ya!

  2. […] television On April 18, 2008, I posted a short report on a video shoot that I did with Jon & Kate Gosselin. Well more than a year later, it is still the most read post I have ever had in the short life of […]

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