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I’m blessed

Today I just want to thank the amazing people on my blog roll… while I’m sure that few of them know me from Adam, their wisdom, quirks, and senses-of-humor really help me along. I very much appreciate that they all take the time to post their thoughts and experiences that inspire so many. Give my list a spin… I hope that you find the same sparks that I do.

One comment on “I’m blessed

  1. Hey, I just noticed you had me linked up. thanks!

    I appreciate the kind words. I feel the same about those I have found in the blog world. They are all a part of my growing and learning process.

    So your in Greenville? I am friends with Jake and Casey and the guys at Catalyst. I am sorry to see them shutting down.

    I’l be hanging out a bit. It will be cool to see what your up to.


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