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Sequence Initiated – Saturday cafe pt. 1

I have a fairly new Saturday routine; I sit alone at a very exclusive cafe (my front porch) with my bible and a cup of coffee and ask God to reveal something to me that I hadn’t previously considered. It amazes me, that in just a few short weeks that I have set this time aside, how clearly God speaks to me here. If you get nothing else out of this post, please know that God is in a constant mode of speaking to us and clarifying things for us, and if we just stop long enough to listen every now and then, we will gain immeasurable amounts of understanding.

Today my time is interrupted briefly by well dressed man and his son… bibles in hand, and of course, the special briefcase with magazines (they look more like comic books to me) that tell of the soon coming Armageddon. These visitors never cease to amaze me. I’m sitting here with two bibles open and this guy is asking me if I think it’s important to spend time with God. Uh, yeah. I tell him that I agree and he still launches into his schpeal about the end times, and that wars are signs of inevitable doom. Maybe I’ll post more about that another time.

Today I’m reading about Jesus’ baptism (Matthew 3)… He approaches John the baptist for his dunking, and John gets all flustered… “Bro, that isn’t how this should be done! I can’t baptize you, you should be dunking me!” (pardon the paraphrase). But it seems that Jesus was rather insistent that it had to be this way, the way God had ordered it to be. I love the way the Message puts it, “So John did it”.

In that moment a sequence of things that could never be outlined was initiated. Jesus began to unveil a plan by which we could all be saved by His grace and share in the process of changing people’s lives. I have days where I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around just the small part that I play in this story. Fast-forward a couple of thousand years and here we are with this same charge of affecting change… and sadly, all too often, I’m standing there telling Jesus, “Bro, that isn’t how this should be done!” When am I going to learn that God has ordered how things are supposed to go? That the plan was put in place long before I got here and will gone on long after I’m gone…

Again, I end up at a moment of resignation; God, break me.

This post feels incomplete to me, but rather than keep trying to find some cool way to end it, I’ll just stop here and ask that you add your thoughts. Comments welcome.


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