Indeed a stage

I had a pretty good day. On Monday mornings I meet with our pastor, music pastor, and director of operations to talk through the previous Sunday’s services. Yesterday went off without any fires or noticeable scars, so the discussion turned to our general desire to ramp up our live production values. We’re looking to add a stage-wide screen and other visual and lighting elements. Interesting that it never seems possible to make a simple “shopping list” when it comes to technology; as you lay out what you want to achieve, the necessary gear to meet your needs grows exponentially!

We want to be able to XYZ… well, you need an ABC to be able to XYZ… but your ABC won’t work without an LMNOP.

This means a lot of research and planning to make sure we’re getting what will work… and then hoping that we have the right staff and volunteers to make it go every Sunday! Pesky things, Sundays… they roll around right about the same time every week, whether we’re ready or not. Anyone else going through these kind of growing pains?


3 comments on “Indeed a stage

  1. Ouch!!! I feel ya. Glad to connect on the blogometer. Myspace confuses me. Isn’t that rediculous? Glad that you are happy doing what you’re doing…even if the weather is still heaven in the PHX.

  2. BTW…loving your vidwork on youtube!

  3. We are going through those same issues. Just know these growing pains are worth it. What you do is making an eternal difference. It’s hard work, but it’s worth every second. We are praying for you guys.

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