Church Announcements and Communications

Question/forum for church announcements:

What works for you in your church?

  • Do you have someone read them live during your service(s)?
  • Do you have some kind of video version of your bulletin fodder?
  • Do you expect your people to keep with meetings/classes/events on their own (via website or bulletin)?

Seems like no matter how you slice it, announcements can be such a momentum killer if you’re trying to establish any kind of an atmosphere for worship, but I know you have to tell people what is happening in the non-Sunday life of a church. Not that I think there is one magical formula either… just curious what different churches are doing, or have tried and done away with. Feel free to chime in!


2 comments on “Church Announcements and Communications

  1. I’m writing to you from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY. We present announcements in two ways…approximately 5-7 announcements are printed in the church bulletin each week, 3 of which are emphasized in a pre-recorded video announcement played during the offertory. We’re attempting to play on the idea of repitition and stimulating multiple senses. I’m looking forward to learning what other ministries do.

  2. We here at Vista Pointe in Hobbs, NM are still trying to figure this question out also. We have not had a bulletin in two years which has forced us to do the announcements on one of the screens before service and then at the end before the last song our pastor talks about the more pressing announcements. I also am looking forward to see how others are doing it.

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