2nd Born

Calling my younger daughter the “2nd born” is a long running joke on our family; she constantly feels that all of her woes come from the fact that she was born 3 years after her sister. She has nothing scientific to prove this but it never stops her from grand-standing on what she is just sure is the greatest injustice of all time, at least in her little world.

The truth is that she is a wonderful kid. She’s more beautiful than I hope she ever even realizes. She tends to talk herself out of opportunities before she even gives them a shot. Sadly, in the last year she has suffered from what seems to be an odd mix of maladies that a series of doctors can’t seem to pin point. We continue to seek God’s face for the healing of her body and her spirit.

I’m so proud of her: She very bravely packed up all of her stuff, threw it in with all of ours and moved about 2,200 miles from Phoenix to Greenville, SC. The medical and moving delays have caused her to miss what would have been Junior year of high school… it took some time through the sadness, but my wife and I see her slowly turning the corner; she recently started a job that’s not far from our new home… nothing glamorous, but it gets her some spending money while we try to impress upon here the importance of saving it.

She’s a blast to hang out with… we take what we call, “daddy-daughter dates”. Not as often as we used to, but still every bit as important.

*** Note to all Dads… Please hang out with your kids. The simplest moments can be some of your best memories.


2 comments on “2nd Born

  1. Love it Steve!

    Of course you may need to work on your putt a bit 🙂

  2. Probably makes me a geek but I love the title of your blog.

    I jumped over and looked at Buckhead for a moment, really cool looking stuff. I work for LifeChurch and I’d love to have the time to see what other churches are doing.

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