Music changes the atmosphere

When was the last time you shut off the TV and just turned on some music at home? For me, it had been quite a while until recently… but it occurred to me how the house feels different with just music playing. I put on what I think is some very hip stuff (all fairly recent iTunes downloads), electronica/downbeat  (so cool for someone my age) and went about my busy-ness. I’m finding how much I love the acoustics of my new place with so much hard wood flooring. It sounds like a cool coffee house in here.

When I get in moods like this, music becomes the soundtrack in my own little life-movie… like I’m directing this weird independent film about my mundane life. The camera moves are brilliant, the editing is amazing… the dialog is a little weak, but then again, I’m the only one cast in this biopic.

I feel like I think deeper immersed in my soundtrack … more multi-syllable words in longer, very fluent sentences come to mind. All of a sudden, I’m feeling the compulsion to write, so I’m either inspired or just very bored… or maybe so much music does make me smarter.

All of these synapses flying at this hour without the aid of coffee is starting to scare me. Maybe I’ll just turn the TV on…


5 comments on “Music changes the atmosphere

  1. I can relate. We have been without cable for over 6 months and it is wonderful. It is neat because it forces us to be more creative with our time and helps us to bond together.

  2. Keep the music on! hehe. I like how you described this. I feel the same way. Music takes me to all kinds of creative places. And I have to suggest you listen to some post-rock tunes. Bands like Mono, Explosions in the Sky and Ef evoke all kind of creative emotions in me.

    p.s. I found you via Big is the New Small.

  3. so what downbeat stuff are you listening to?

  4. oops, logged under my wife’s address… I’ll rephrase: so what downbeat stuff are you listening to?

  5. Hey Ken,

    My downbeats currently consist of: Caia, Chocolate Tannoy, Fenomenon, A Forest Mighty Black, Fresh Moods… and always scanning iTunes for more!

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