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Twitter and my short attention span

I feel like almost everyone I know is twittering now… and I’m so addicted! But I will admit that it isn’t doing me any favors where my short attention span is concerned, it might make it even worse! I now have people that I honestly worry about if they don’t “tweet” for long periods of time!


The folks that I follow make me laugh and cringe, alert me to breaking news, and encourage me to think deeper or dream bigger. I firmly believe that twitter is uniting people in the Body of Christ; I have new friends that I would have never come in contact with if not for twitter… and I think that’s really cool.

Follow me to the magical land of TWITTER!


One comment on “Twitter and my short attention span

  1. I am with you on the twitter stuff. I am addicted to it as well already. I have a friend who is working on a program to scan for people who are talking about Jesus so that he can hop in on the convo and talk to them. The other day he saw a conversation of one guy who was clearly being “preached” at and he was not happy about it. Heath desperately wanted to say something an d it inspired him to figure out how to use twitter to minister to people. Interestingly enough, we are currently in a sermon series called Speak dealing with how we use our words.

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