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I’ve been on this kick here lately, doing a lot of of self-evaluation with regard to leadership. What kind of leader am I? What kind of leader do I aspire to be? What kind of leaders have inspired and challenged me to get to where I am?

I don’t for a minute think that we get to our milestones in life without good leadership… whether it’s our parents, teachers, pastors, bosses, mentors, friends… I believe that God has placed deficiencies in each of us that makes us need others to get where we’re going. I have been blessed to have some amazing people push me along and I’m so thankful for each one of them. Their influence makes up a lot of who I am today, and also makes me look very carefully at whom I look to for leadership from this point forward.

Tony Morgan had a great post about leadership that seemed to crystallize some of my views of leadership perfectly:

  • Without vision, people will define their own vision and the loudest voice will prevail.
  • Without strategy, people will do what they’re most passionate about whether or not it helps the organization fulfill its mission.
  • Without clear communications, people will assume for themselves what’s most important.
  • Without encouragement, people will gravitate to the first person who gives them attention when they need it.
  • Without leadership, people will follow the leader they choose or assume is the leader.

Who has influenced you the most and who’s lead do you follow now? What leadership lessons or guidelines mean the most to you?


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  1. I work for LifeChurch.tv and we just had an All-Staff meeting a couple days ago. Craig really does a great job of vision casting at these events. I’m completely re-enegized now! I don’t know how he does it, but he does it.

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