Just curious about the whole theory about creative-types being messy… do you buy it?

This is my desk… and it looks better than it usually does, but still a bit cluttered. It may not look like it, but I know where everything is. If magical gnomes sneaked in and cleaned it up, I’m sure I couldn’t find a thing!

What does your desk look like?


5 comments on “Creative/Messy?

  1. This is my desk @ work…. well it used to look like this. Since this picture I have had to rearrange everything to make room for another desk… so I could share my office…. Yay. Now I am a common sardine…..


  2. very small at the moment…

  3. Hey I featured this post over on my blog, check it out.


  4. I am insanely messy and so not creative. Wish I was so I’d have an excuse though. HA!

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