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I don’t understand

This is a fun idea that I saw at Carole Turner‘s blog (and she stole it from Karen). I think everyone should do one!

I don’t understand:

People who say 7:00 AM in the morning… as opposed to 7:00 AM at night?

People who say “these ones” and “those ones”… it’s a waste of a word.

People who don’t use turn-signals

When the weatherman says that rain is bad weather… we’re in a drought, how can it be bad?

Close-talkers…. only topped by close-talkers with bad breath.

People who constantly say, “Just kidding”… do you really think anyone took you seriously?

Tardy people. Please value other people’s time.

People who pick their nose while driving… WE SEE YOU!

Why I wasn’t the one who came up with post it notes. Genius.

Why anyone still deploys a fanny-pack.

What don’t you understand???


One comment on “I don’t understand

  1. My father in law AND brother in law use a fanny pack. Insanity.

    Something I don’t understand….just last night my husband was explaining something to me (something else I didn’t understand) and he said “Alls you have to do is….”

    Alls. So not a word.

    HA!! 😆

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