Junk mail battle

I know that ranting about junk mail is older than the internet as we know it. I’m sure that any of you reading this have your own issues with all of the garbage that arrives in your mail box weekly, if not daily. I really can’t stand the day of the week when everything in the box is trash… ours is usually Wednesday. Even the mailman must think it’s insanity!

I have a game I like to play… it’s called fun with business reply mail. I’m so tired of the credit card offers, insurance sales pitches and useless coupons, so why not give them a taste of their own medicine?

I love to take the supplied envelopes (provided that they haven’t pre-printed your return address on them; make sure you check!), stuff them with some of the other junk (useless coupons) and send them in! Note the statement on the front of the envelope: POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY THE ADDRESSEE. They still have to pay for it!

Note to the companies mailing me this crap: Stop sending it to me, and I will stop sending it back…. very simple, actually.

Any other ideas for messing with ’em? *evil laugh*


8 comments on “Junk mail battle

  1. Dude,

    That is awesome! I will let you know how it goes at my house…at least we can finally have some fun with mail again.

  2. Haha, a friend of mine mailed a brick once.

  3. Guess what? I do the same thing. It’ll cost them money to pay for the postage. If we all do it, maybe we can bankrupt them. Ok, maybe not…but we’ll really tick em off!

  4. Brilliant! And I don’t even feel guilty for being so excited to do this!!

  5. I did the same thing for a long time, but the offers just kept coming and coming. After reading the threat they were to having my identity stolen I just joined Myjunktree and stopped them from coming to my home.

  6. The myjunktree.com site help me also stop the junk mail and they plant 5 trees also for every new member. A easy and very helpful green site.

  7. I happen to be one of the owners of MyJunkTree and as a new company I search the web to see if we are getting any visibility out there and it seems the word is getting out. Thanks for the support.

    We launched the company because we were tired of all the junk mail we were receiving and we personally did not want to bounce all over the web to contact all the different companies to stop it all. First and foremost we wanted to let people choose what they wanted to let come to their home knowing that some people really do like some of the coupons and catalogs. So our clients choose what they want stopped.

    We also had to provide a service that is different than the other services out there, so here is what we offer:

    1. We have a database of over 1300 catalogs that you can choose to stop.
    2. We have over a 2000 charities/Non-Profits that you can stop solicitations from.
    3. Stop the delivery of the national phone directories.
    4. Stop the delivery of the weekly coupons.
    5. Stop the general credit card offers as well as the ones from your own major bank.
    6. Stop the miscellaneous junk mail from the data brokers.
    7. You can register on the National Do Not Call Registry from the website.
    8. You can order your no strings attached free annual credit report right from the website.
    9. We plant trees with every new membership.

    And, yes we are a paid service and yes you can do everything that we do for free, if you want to do all the research and spend the time contacting the companies yourself it can easily be done. We have just done all of the legwork for our clients and feel there is value in the service we provide.

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