State comparison: AZ vs. SC

In September of last year I moved away from all that I have ever really known, leaving the arid confines of Phoenix, Arizona and relocated to Greenville, South Carolina. In these past few months I have come to enjoy my new digs, and I have made a list of some of the differences between the two locations for those who have been to one and not the other… or neither one at all:

– In SC spring lasts several weeks, if not months… In AZ spring lasts 8 hours.

– In AZ you drink water by the gallon… In SC you drink sweet tea by the gallon.

– In SC you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting another church… In AZ you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting another drug store.

– In AZ everything is covered with dust… In SC everything covered with pollen.

– In AZ everyone is from Chicago, in SC everyone is from the South.

– IN SC drivers come to a near-complete stop before making turns… In AZ drivers make turns on two wheels.

– In AZ the elderly folks live in age-restricted, retirement communities… in SC they are permitted to roam freely.

– In SC you need a riding lawn mower… in AZ you rake your rocks.

– In AZ every meal is served with salsa… in SC every meal is served with mac & cheese.

– In SC you chose the color of your car so that it matches your favorite college team’s colors… in AZ you chose the color of your car based on how much sunlight you want to deflect.

Have I overlooked anything? 🙂

5 comments on “State comparison: AZ vs. SC

  1. That was awesome! Very very funny and as far as the south goes, true… I happen to live in the most northern part of the south… You have inspired me to post about it…

  2. This is hilarious!

    I think you should keep a growing list and make this a series. Once a week, a couple thoughts each week.

    Love it!

  3. In AZ leather seats has a whole different meaning to sticking to your seat.

    Also, SC it is a humid hot…AZ it is a “dry” heat.

    The rest of yours are great! I was laughing at each one!

  4. That definitely gave me some perspective! But really…that’s how you decide what color car to buy?! What if you don’t like college? Then you’re in trouble. However, if every meal is served with mac n cheese, I think I’m gonna love SC.

    PS- I do not make my turns on two wheels!!!! Other than that, your AZ stuff was accurate.

  5. In AZ you choose your parking spot, not based on the proximity to the front door but, under any shade, if there is any. Who cares how far away it is to the door.
    Remember Murphy. Great Blog

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