A week off

I am officially on vacation… which may sound weird on a Tuesday, but I figure with Memorial Day being a day off for most of America “my” time didn’t begin until today. It was spent getting last minute preparations and packing for a trip to the beach for a few days. We don’t do all the tourist-y things… to me, time off means my camping chair, my bible, and the beach… real time to decompress. I will continue to post blogs & twitter as I am not strong enough to disconnect the way that others can… maybe next year!

I’m looking forward to diving into Pop Goes the Church, by Tim Stevens… I’ve heard so much good chatter about this book from some great leaders of the church.

I’m also looking forward to some sand castle therapy. This is a term I came up with a few years back when my kids were much younger. I don’t care what struggles you’re in the middle of, building a sand castle with your kids makes your problems seem smaller, if only for a little while.

Just curious: How do you decompress?


5 comments on “A week off

  1. I decompress in a few ways.
    Video Games- Online multiplayers.
    Gym- With my favorite tunes playing
    Road Trip with my wife- We leave the radio off and talk the entire trip.
    Silence- Sometimes it blows my mind when I turn everything off and just sit.

  2. Thanks for the reply, Josh… my favorite on your list: Silence. I think we’ve all forgotten the power in shutting it all down once in a while.


  3. Dude have a great vacation.

    decompress? Only way i can do it is to take at least a week and disappear from anything that normally happens in my life. I have to literally disconnect. But I love it!

  4. I echo Josh in the video game thing. Nothing relaxes you more than beating other people at something…

    This is gonna sound weird but watching soccer is a decompress for me. The beauty of the game of soccer is incredible.

    Music. I love classical music when something is happening in my life. The music takes you on a journey.

  5. This isn’t so much a decompression response as it is a sand castle therapy response. I actually wrote a story about you and building sand castles last week for my Irish Lit class. I’m sad I won’t get to join in this year. 😦

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