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If my dog could twitter for just one day

OK, if you’re a regular here, you’ve read of my addiction for (and frustrations with) twitter… so I started thinking, if my dog could twitter for just one day what would that look like? She is a big, lovable lab mix, and sure, she lacks the necessary opposable thumbs, but I think she’d love it as much as I do:


  • I wish some one would wake up and feed me.
  • Just ate breakfast… and burped.
  • Gotta pee and that grass back there isn’t going to kill itself.
  • 9:00 AM and I’m spent. Need a nap.
  • The cat has no idea that I could swallow him whole.
  • BRB… have to go bark at absolutely nothing.
  • I don’t get very good traction trying to run on hardwood floors.
  • Why do I have to sleep on the floor when there’s plenty of room on the sofa?
  • twitter naps more than I do!
  • Where is the cat?
  • I just drank WAY more water than I should have… I’ll just urp some onto the kitchen floor.
  • Need another nap… all the tail wagging has worn me out!
  • Dad’s home; gotta go bark like I’ve never seen him before.
  • Don’t want to be rude but, WOULD SOME ONE PLEASE FEED ME? HELLO?
  • Dinner tastes just like breakfast *burp*
  • After-dinner nap
  • Pee-pee dance at the back door.
  • Squirrels don’t understand barking; they just mock me from afar.
  • *yawn* Off to bed. Long Day.

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