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More leadership lessons

One of the things I have come to enjoy about the blog-world is the amazing leaders that I now have access to. There is much wisdom to be gleaned if you take the time to find it… just check some of the cool people on my blogroll.

I recently had the honor of meeting the Creative Arts Pastor from NewSpring Church, Shane Duffey. Very cool guy heading up a very cool group of folks that handle much of the programming there. He posted a short but insightful blog about leadership that I don’t mind re-posting here. Enjoy!

Why Wonder?

I believe effective leadership starts when my team doesn’t have to wonder about these four things:

Vision: My team should never have to wonder about where we are going as an organization and how our efforts support the overall vision.

Encouragement: The individuals on my team should never have to wonder about how they are doing in their role on the team. My definition of encouragement equals straight talk when things are going well and when they’re not. They should always get honest feedback.

Empowerment: My team should never have to wonder if I trust them. I should be giving them the authority and latitude they need to make decisions and execute their job with excellence. (If I’m doing the encouragement part right this is easy.)

Being Guarded: My team should never have to wonder if I have their back. I should always be looking to protect them and address issues that need correction either one on one or in the confines of our team.


One comment on “More leadership lessons

  1. This is crap. Keep em guessing and off balance. That’s what’s always worked and ain’t nothin’ you or you’re high fallootin’ sissy blog can convince me otherwise, neither.

    Hold on…one of my faithful volunteers on the line.

    Dang it! Lost another one. Not because I’m a bad leader. She has dedicated her life to flossing her cat. Probably going to vote for Obama, too!

    –ah, sarcasm release. thank you. I have printed your post and taped it within the sacred pages of the moleskin–

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