Mac Addict

It was only about three years ago that I was hopelessly lost in the PC shadow lands… I mocked those that had such a passion for their Macintosh computers. Then I was basically forced to learn the OS and dive in deep to learn Final Cut Pro; it was either that or lose my job.

I saw the light!

Potential job loss not withstanding, I quickly came to love everything about Macs! Most everything about my new machine ran the way it was supposed to most of the time… and it amplified the frustrations I had with PCs for years! It is now to the point that I can hardly help my wife with her PC because I work so little with it that I have forgotten how to do stuff!

Truth is… now I am a Mac addict. Perhaps I need to seek out a 12 step group that specializes in this flavor of addiction. The following video is a wonderful tribute to how cool a computer can be… I apologize in advance to you who chose to watch and get the song stuck in your head (I actually ran off to iTunes and bought it!)

There ya go…


2 comments on “Mac Addict

  1. I too am a lover of everything Apple. I appreciate my 13″ MacBook and really dig my 15″ Powerbook G4 – which due to a broken screen is now a desktop!

  2. BTW – my wife calls me a Mac snob. . . . she is a Mac snob lover – what does that make her?

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