The influence of music

I am not a musician. I wish so badly that I was.

My mom signed me up for six weeks of steel guitar lessons when I was 11 years old, just to get me out of the house that summer. Why she thought that steel guitar lessons were the answer to my July doldrums I have no idea. I did the lessons, hated every minute of it and never did anything with the guitar, steel or otherwise, ever again.

The next school year, I was recruited to play in the school band… trumpet, of all things. That actually had a few cool moments, and as I look back I can remember just being on the cusp of understanding music theory and actually had sights on trying some other instruments… then it seems that my hormones took over and it became obvious to me that the lines were being drawn between the cool kids and the kids that would be spending summers at band camp… I took my chances on trying to be one of the cool kids and walked away from what could have been a life of music-ness.

Fast-forward a few years and I spent time leading worship for our youth group for four years and singing for a short time with a local Christian band; I knew just enough to be dangerous about music.

Today I don’t know which is more true: Either I’m obsessed with all types of music or perhaps I just abhor silence. My tastes have changed over the years, but the presence of music has remained a constant. Good music is a fix for me… I need it. I need the 10 GB of music on my iTunes, and I need more!

Rise up, O Lord, in all your power. With music and singing we celebrate your mighty acts. Psalm 21:13

Music is my direct line to God… I hear him in it, I see him better around me with it, I’m inspired to do more and to be more when I have it. How important is music to you?


6 comments on “The influence of music

  1. I LOVE music too. I used to play piano & sing, but as they say “use or lose it” I lost it. =(

    People laugh when they see my itunes. Tony Bennett, Barry Manilow, AC/DC, Quiet Riot, Prince, Madonna, George Strait….I love it ALL!

  2. I hear ya, Mandy. There isn’t much that I won’t listen to. Sometimes I’m sad that I have such a short commute to work; I can’t get through more than just a couple of songs!

  3. It’s never too late to participate in making music. I’m always telling people not to just be a bystander, go create. Most adults are great students. You don’t need to become a virtuoso to play music. –listened to radio lately? 🙂

    “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.”-Henry Ford

  4. Amen! I wish I had just a little musical talent. Not to be a rockstar just to be able to participate in music more.

  5. Music is a impetus to me. Like Mandy (whose picture resembles The Madonna) it not uncommon to listen to Jimmy Eat World, Mute Math, then tap into some Dave Brubeck/Oscar Peterson, then SoulLive!

    I enjoy getting to express myself behind the Kit as well!

  6. I love to listen to good music…but in the last six months I have been pulled back into the music world as a player after being out of it for about 10 years.
    It is amazing what God can do when you just listen!

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