Well earned thanks

Since this blog is the closest thing that I have to being a public forum, I would like to use it today to personally thank Northwest Airlines. The bad news today is that I got a call this morning from my aunt letting me know that my ailing grandmother had passed away over-night (expect a post about that soon)… This was a woman who meant so much to me, so the thought of not being at the funeral was agonizing. A quick look online at flights was daunting; $1500.00! I launched into a math-mode of, “what can I do without for the next year that will allow me to spend this kind of money?” The thought occurs to me to see if they offer a bereavement fare; the website said to call the reservation center. After speaking with a very nice lady named Joanne and explaining my situation, I was offered a flight for one-third of the online price! Still no easy payment, but a bit easier to stomach than the earlier fare.

I have never had to deal with an airline in a situation like this, but it was a great experience. Joanne expressed her condolences no less than three times during this conversation. She explained that if I decided that I needed more time with my family that I could change my flight without any fees. Unlike other airlines, NWA is not yet charging for the first checked bag. I haven’t flown on this airline in 20+ years but they have moved to the top of my list based on one fantastic customer service experience. You have earned a loyal customer.

What businesses have you dealt with that still know the value of customer service?


2 comments on “Well earned thanks

  1. Hey Murph!
    Ran across your blog via Derrick Logan’s blog. So sorry to hear about grandma but really glad you were able to make to be with your family.

    Hit me up bro. Was just talking about you the other day and would love to catch up. Miss coming up with random (and good) ideas with you for music and video. Hope all is well with you dude!

    -Andy Frank http://www.andyfrank.net

    (a fellow blogger…wanna be)

  2. Avis Car Rentals – I flew to OR to be w/ my Dad during his quadruple bypass last Nov. The lady behind the counter gave me my space # & said the keys would be in the car.

    I walked throught the parking lot & there was someone driving off in my car (Ford Focus). I walked all the way back to the office. I was trying to hurry because I still had a 2.5 hour drive to the hospital. I was tearing up thinking that I wouldn’t be able to see my Dad. She apologized profusely and gave me another space # & said she upgraded me so I could have a little enjoyment this weekend, even if it was only while driving. She had given me a new Mustang.

    The fact that she was thinking of how hard a weekend it was going to be for me, was amazing!

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