Czech the Children

I was looking through an old calendar and realized that it was two years ago this week that I departed for my first mission trip. I went as a member of a small team of 4 to the Czech Republic where we worked with a group of young pastors who are passionate about reaching young people for Christ. These guys have a great hook: Czech kids want to learn English, and they really want to learn to play baseball, so they put on a summer camp that they advertise as an “English and Baseball Camp”. We would spend about 90 minutes each morning teaching the basics of English, then teach and play baseball all afternoon. At night, our hosts would present the gospel to the 30 kids, ranging in age from 8 to 18.

I remember questioning myself (and God) before I left; Why in the world am I doing this? I’m not a teacher… and I haven’t played baseball since grade school… what could I possibly have to offer? After just one day with those great kids I had my answer. God showed me that all he needs is a willing heart and he takes care of the rest. I recall telling my wife that I was going to adopt all 30 kids and bring them home with me. The truth is that I feel like the kids did more for me at camp than I could ever do for them.

I hope that I can go back again some day… in the meantime, I pray for those who continue to reach out to kids like had the privilege of meeting… and for the kids in the Czech Republic who have countless old cathedrals but little interaction with the Creator.

Here’s a highlight reel:


3 comments on “Czech the Children

  1. Did children’s parents know you wanted to teach their children religion?

  2. The parents were fully informed that the camp was organized by a church group.

  3. I remember the same feeling going on my trip to Africa. I felt completely unqualified and unworthy to do it but God taught me and everyone else that people with far less serve and worship Him in a bigger way than we had ever seen. Very cool video!

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