Today, I’d like to introduce you to a great friend of mine… Roderick Logan. He loves Jesus with his life and has been an absolute godsend to me; talking me off the ledge at times. Any-hoo…

Roderick has started a blog and I found a great post there recently that I would like to share with you. It is a difficult story to take in, but one of great courage and faith. Enjoy.

WWTD – What Would Trisha Do?

For awhile I saw pasted everywhere WWJD (what would Jesus do). The marketing trend seems to have peeked, and with it all the merchandize that carried the label. Perhaps public awareness was raised and some now pause to consider the question, but by and large hearts are still bent towards self. After all it takes more than a rubber bracelet, cotton lanyard, or silk-

screened water bottle to transform thinking and behavior.

Recently I was asked to conduct the memorial service for a young woman in my community that died. Trisha was only 29 years old and was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors and within 60 days died. If that was not heartbreaking enough for her family and dear friends, she was 15 weeks pregnant with her first child.

The doctors desperately trying to extend and safe Trisha’s life recommended to her that she abort her pregnancy. In so doing they could administer chemo and radiation treatment. While this may or may not save her life, they believed it would at least prolong her life. The doctors were insistent and some family agreed. No doubt the prevailing public opinion poll (if one had been taken) would have also concurred.

Trisha moved to the Phoenix area 8 years ago and started her own business. She left a small Kansas town and embarked on the challenges and excitement of a big city. She was brave, daring, sassy, excited, attractive, intelligent, and loving. She infected everyone around her with her smile, charm, and positive attitude. Everyone wanted Trisha to live; she made them feel alive.

With the backing and encouragement to abort her baby’s life and move on with her own, Trisha looked at the doctors and told them NO; a resounding no. Even if it cost her life, she wanted her son Philip to live. Trisha refused the abortion, the chemo, and the radiation. Her goal, her focus, and her fight was not for her life, but the life of a yet to be born child.

Trisha fought hard, but she did not win.

So, what’s the point? What was gained by all this nobility (Trisha’s name means “noble”)? She died and the baby died too. Should she not have tried to save her own life instead of sacrificing it for a baby too young and too underdeveloped to be born? These and other questions will linger for some time to come, but for Trisha that was not relevant to her perspective.

Jesus said that the measure of the greatest demonstration of love was when one person would give up their life for another (John 15:12-13). It is not conditioned on whether the person loved lives or dies, but on the sacrifice of the one giving love.

What would Jesus do? I believe exactly what Trisha did. In other words, Trisha did just what Jesus did. She died for someone whom she loved dearly.

What is love? It is a benevolent act for someone at a cost to me.

Thank you Jesus for the testimony of Latrisha Dawn Hessee.

For more information on Trisha please go to http://www.trishahesseefund.info/.


2 comments on “Courage

  1. To even further mirror the love and sacrifice of Jesus, it can be said that she died for someone she had not even met. Yet she loved him all the more.

  2. Trisha was my niece. I don’t think there was a prayer chain in the world that she was not on. Trisha’s illness and death taught me more about myself and my christian beliefs than any minister or church could have. She taught me what the phrase TAKING THE STEP OF FAITH meant. Eventhough her step of faith did not reap the answer we ask for, Trisha IS WELL and raising her son right now in a land much better than this one.

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