Happy 4th!

Rather than sit and try to wax-terrific about 232 years of freedom today, I think that we should all take an opportunity to thank those who put their lives on the line for this great country. If you don’t already have someone specifically to thank, stop by my friend’s blog and let him know that you appreciate what he and his crew do.

God, please bless America again.


I had posted a note on Joe’s blog (linked above) to say thanks. I received an email response that I’m incredibly proud to add to this post:

Thanks for taking the time to write and wish us a happy holiday. Today
was pretty inspiring as 1215 Soldiers, Sailors,Airmen, and Marines took
the oath and re-enlisted. It was the single largest re-enlistment in the
history of our nation’s 35 years of having an all volunteer force. It
was absolutely awe inspiring. Together the re-enlistees pledges over
5,500 years of continued service. It made for a great Independence Day
to say the least.

Have a blessed weekend and thank you again.



2 comments on “Happy 4th!

  1. Wow! I will go over to your friends site.

    Happy 4th Steve!

  2. Steve – Thanks so much. Several of your visitors have sent me an email or posted a comment thanks to your message. I’ll pass them on to the guys as well and once again, thanks for stepping out beyond yourself to say a kind word to a bunch of strangers overseas. We appreciate it!

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