Big changes coming…again.

When we packed up everything we owned and moved from Phoenix to Greenvillle last year, it was done with the feeling that we would be here for a long time… Alas, it seems that the move was just the first leg of an even longer journey that will have us landing in beautiful Charleston, SC. Last week I resigned my previous position and accepted a new one with Seacoast Church. Things get started next week. I will be back and forth a bit for some time as we wait for our home to sell. I am SO looking forward to learning about my new co-workers and the multi-site model that has 10,000+ people currently meeting on 13 different campuses in 3 states!

Special thanks to: Robbie, Joey, Josh, Mike, Danny, Becky, Lonnie, Chip, Nina, et al… at Brookwood Church for great friendship. I’ll never forget this time getting to know you all.

Also, thanks to Shawn Wood, Geoff Surratt, and many others at Seacoast for making us feel so welcome. We are very excited to serve with you in helping people become devoted followers of Jesus Christ!

Any big changes on your horizon?

7 comments on “Big changes coming…again.

  1. WooHoo!!!

    I know there was a lot of stress and prayer over this. but I can see some great things in this!


  2. Congratulations MurphMan!!! Looking forward to seeing what God will do through your ministry at Seacost.

  3. Welcome aboard Steve. This will be fun. And hurricanes are over rated.

  4. Steve,

    That’s awesome! Will you be working with one or all of the campuses?


  5. Wow! First off, congrats!! Charleston is GORGEOUS!!

    As for big changes on my horizon, I’d say so. One week from today I’ll be on the road to Manhattan! Talk about excited!

  6. have fun man!! I will miss you but know that God has us on different paths. Thanks for your friendship and all your laughs!!!

  7. Steve!

    Haven’t visited my Google Reader consistently the last couple of weeks.

    I am thrilled for you. It sounds similar to my gig at CCV – God using a place as a stepping stone, place of growth, etc.

    I am excited for Seacoast to get your leadership, talents and gifts. I’ve had a couple of email and phone conversations with Mac Lake (no relation) – what a great guy!

    Hope your family is hanging in there with all the change. I am looking forward to hearing about your journey.

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