First week at Seacoast

I have successfully finished my first week at Seacoast Church! In just a few days I can see that I have embarked on an amazing opportunity to work with some very talented and passionate people! We put together a new sermon series bumper that I will unveil here next week… please check back for a peek and drop some feedback!

I’m learning a lot about “one church in many locations”. Seacoast has done a great job of making each of the campuses feel like they are an integral part of one church. I look forward to meeting and working with each of the campus pastors. I’m back in Greenville, SC this week for some time with my family and to document on video some of the transition of our local campus from their old meeting place to a larger venue that they will have to themselves. Chris Surratt is the campus pastor here and a cool dude as well! I get to hang out with him and some of his key volunteers as they prepare for this move. (maybe I’ll drop some highlights of that here as too…)

BIG thanks to the staff at the Long Point Road campus and Central Support for making me feel so welcome last week. This has been a great transition so far! I’m really looking forward to all that is ahead of me!


2 comments on “First week at Seacoast

  1. Sweet!

    Seacoast has always been on my radar. I like to hear about what’s going on. Bring the highlights on!

  2. Congratulations man! Blessings on you and your familia!

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