Separate lives

So, if you read my previous post about my new job in Charleston, you know that I’m living back and forth between here and Greenville, SC (about a 3 hour drive). Thus, on evenings like this, I’m away from my wife and daughter and feeling a bit out of sorts. No matter how much I am away from them, it never gets any easier.

I was talking with a new friend and co-worker today about this topic (thanks for the talk, Jim): How do you behave when you’re away from your family? Do you live it up like you’re a teenager again… or do you become reclusive and shelter yourself? I tend to get kind of quiet… I read more… I skip meals because I hate going to restaurants by myself. I really don’t like life out of a suitcase, but this new job means so much to me that I will motor on as long as I have to; my family will be able to join for good as soon as God allows.

So, I throw that question out to you… Who/how are you when you’re away from your family or they are away from you?

3 comments on “Separate lives

  1. I tend to like the solitude for about 3 or 4 hours and then miss the “Hey Dad, wanna …” or the great meals my wife preps.

    I feel for you bro! Hang in there. Maybe pick up a new hobby unrelated to technology . . . knitting? Think of the gifts you could bare when you return home?

  2. Knitting? Are you crazy? I’m thinking about something more like to paintball!

  3. I’m not married and I don’t travel much for work, but when I have, I tend to work a lot more.

    My computer and I become the best of friends.

    I’ve also used the time to study the Bible and read other good books.

    Good question (found your blog off AmyLetinsky’s).

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