Beware World

Beware world… when a man walks away from a church service, teary-eyed and broken. He is about to start doing things differently… maybe not earth shattering at first, but momentum will build.

Beware world… when he gets a glint in his eye as he begins to get a clearer vision of his role in a much larger story.

Beware world… when that man’s bible begins to wear with careful study… and the words on the pages begin to play-out in everything he says and does.

Beware world… when that man begins to pour all that he has into his family… to the point that he would lay down his life for them.

Beware world… when that man starts to teach younger men how to out-live and out-give himself.

Beware world… I watched that man walk out of my church today.


5 comments on “Beware World

  1. I really like this, do you mind if I pass this on or adapt it for women?

  2. That’s right. That is an intimidating sight for me…only because I wish it were me.

  3. I pray God fuels that kindling in your heart. I”m hoping I’m just a few steps behind you…

  4. Wow. Great stuff. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for following me on Twitter. I hope my wanderings somehow inspire you as much as this post has for me. Keep up the great work.

  5. Wow. How I wish I had the insight to have written this. How I wish I had seen this. Most of all, every time I fail, falter, and fall, how I wish I were this.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

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