How do you really feel?

Checking blog stats the other day and I noticed an interesting search that someone had done to find this little corner of cyber-space:

Seacoast Church not biblical

It’s one of those times that I wish I had better analytics so I might better track where such a search came from. I’m not offended… I’m really just curious. What was it that the person was looking for? Had he/she been offended by something said in our service? Maybe it was the music? Who knows?

I love my church! I want others to love my church, but I’m not foolish enough to think that we’re going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Have you ever had someone question the biblical validity of your church?


2 comments on “How do you really feel?

  1. I have had my church brought into question.

    Now, I do not head a church but am active and take a lot of pride in what we do.

    I am at Bellevue Community Church in Nashville TN and have run across people in several instances that have said that they thought out church was similar to a cult. My first response is usually “You obviously have been misinformed or never stepped foot into our church” which I then realize is exactly what a cult member would probably state as well…hahaha

    It has gotten better over the last few years with the start of Crosspoint and Uprising in the area which run on a similar style of worship…but in the beginning when we were the only one’s that fired up the music, had a lot of fun and enjoyed our worship, people looked at us a bit strange.

    Love your site, and it looks like you are doing some cool things at Seacost.

    Maybe I will search Seacost today under Seacost Church Very Cool And Biblical to see what pops up!

  2. It happens daily for GCC. People don’t understand using cultural tactics. Hello? Paul did it…it works…how else are we going to lead this certain demographic to Christ…unless we speak their language.

    My best friend / neighbor does not like GCC & thinks it’s not biblical. You can imagine the conversations!!

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