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Production Value

The opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics were absolutely amazing! I’d give a kidney to have been in some of the planning meetings… can you imagine the miles of white boards for such elaborate productions? It would appear that there was no saying”no” to any idea!There is no doubt that the bar has been raised to such a high level for future Olympics… This will be the one that is referred to for decades!

Is there anything we can glean from these events for our church services? …or was it all too over-the-top to consider that any part of it could work in a worship setting? Maybe this is a dumb question, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by all that I’ve seen.


One comment on “Production Value

  1. Fireworks “IN” a church aren’t too much to ask for. Let’s just not make it cheesy imititating the Flame but instead of a flame it’s the Cross and people are moving on it like fire. That would make me mad. So many times people see things like this, try to recreate it with no heart or motivation to do it justice and it ends up being a huge flop.

    So yes, you can totally take a ton from the creative genius that were the opening and closing olympic ceremonies, but think they put 7 years into the facility and the creative process. Great things take lots of time and effort. If people are willing to do it but are not willing to put in the time , I would scratch it and move on.

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