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How’s the weather?

So, as I’m still becoming acquainted with my new city (Charleston, SC), one thing that I’m learning a lot about this week is hurricanes! I haven’t yet blogged about being a weather-geek, but I am one… but even in my fascination with weather, I never pictured myself in the possible path of a hurricane! I am learning that September is traditionally the most active month for such weather…and that freaks me out a little!

Tonight, I helped some friends get some hurricane supplies.

One generator, 12 sheets of plywood, 2 gas cans, 2 propane tanks, and a boat-load of batteries. So much that may or may not even be needed… this time! Interesting how these weather patterns can line up like a bunch of 737’s waiting to land.

What does this post have to do with anything? Not much… maybe I’m just proclaiming to the world that I AM A WEATHER GEEK! Do hurricanes scare you?


One comment on “How’s the weather?

  1. They scared me a lot more when I lived in Charleston… now, I just peacefully watch from a far! 🙂

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