More good leadership stuff

OK, I don’t think that I have ever done back-to-back leadership posts… BUT

I’m sitting here going through some blogs, and once again, my friend Brewster has put together another gem that I feel compelled to re-post here… because it’s just THAT GOOD!

Leadership is:

  • removing the me and replacing it with the we when things go well.
  • removing the we and replacing it with the me when things go wrong.
  • being willing to stretch everyone, including yourself and how YOU think.
  • not asking anyone to do anything you would not do, today.
  • being willing to delegate, especially when it hurts.
  • trust
  • surrounding yourself with people who are better than you, for the betterment of the team, not your ego.
  • keeping a good balance of “seasoned vets” and “top draft picks” (old and young) 
  • not being afraid to change course.
  • running with the best idea, even it if came from the UPS guy.
  • worrying less about the pat on the back, and more on the execution of the dream.

2 comments on “More good leadership stuff

  1. thanks for the blog love man.

  2. So true… those are all NECESSITIES in being a true leader. great tips 🙂

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