What are you good at?

I really like Subway; (I’m a big fan of the grilled chicken on wheat, pepper jack cheese, toasted…lots of veggies, and a sweet tea). What I think works for Subway is that you walk in to the smell of fresh baked bread, choose your favorite meat and toppings, and then sit down and have yourself a tasty and well priced sandwich.

What I think is not working for Subway is the drive-thru window. This isn’t that kind of fast food! I have been there during the busy lunch rush and watched the employees “sandwich artists” working at 100 miles per hour to keep up with all of us waiting for our $5 footlongs… then there’s a beep…. and another beep… and the artists all look at each other, trying to remember who drew the short straw and will have to deal with the impatient soccer mom at the drive-thru, who figured she’d bypass the long line inside by staying in her Suburban. The kids behind the counter try to keep their rhythm with the long line inside while one of them has to take the window order and meld it into the assembly line. I’ve never seen it go well, and the lady waiting at the window is now honking the horn because this is taking too long!

I do have a point to this minor rant: Are we who work in churches doing what we do well, or are we trying to add things that initially may seem to bring some value, but in the end just complicate, slow down, or confuse people on what it is that we should be doing? I’m a firm believer that less is more and that we should be trying to keep things relatively simple while never diluting the message of Christ. The church will always need fresh ideas for reaching people (see what I did with the “fresh” thing there?), but those ideas should never slow us down in showing people how much Jesus loves them.

4 comments on “What are you good at?

  1. Wow… that is a great thought and concept. Lovely!

  2. I think you are right. We as leaders in the church tend to do that in our efforts to reach people, however we can never forget the basics. Love should be the root of everything we do, all that other stuff, it’s just noise if this doesn’t come through loudest and clearest of all.

  3. The basics really are where it is at but there are times when we have to change and do things a bit different or a bit extra. I think when we get into the flash and bang of trying to do the extra and more to attract people is when it gets confusing. I agree with Rachel that love is the root and if your church is a loving one with open doors then you are on the right track.

    Love the “fresh” connection by the way!

    Thanks for stopping by my place!

  4. Ok. I want to be a sanwich artist. There. I said it. This blog just affirmed my lifelong desire.

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