Results Not Typical

A friend recently showed me a great video on youtube recently… if you haven’t seen anything by Julia Nunes, give this a spin:

How cool is that? This girl has some amazing talent and energy! She has already opened for Ben Folds Five a few times… released a couple of CDs… and I’m sure that as a youtube partner, she’s pulling down a little money too!. Not bad for a youngin’ in college. I’m sure that she had no intention of becoming an internet celebrity when she started making videos, but here she is… look at her view-counts! I hope she keeps her life simple and finishes school… You never know what fame can do to a person.

What I think about, though, is that as soon as some one like Julia makes it big doing what she does, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other young people who start emulating her and thinking that if they just do it like she does that they too will have similar success. But what I have seen so many times is people trying to mimic some one else’s thing to get to that elusive somewhere. Let’s face it, there will only be one Jared… I’m sure that Subway gets thousands of letters about people losing weight, but they already have their “face”… Even the late night infomercials that pitch the latest get-rich-system always include fine print in their testimonials that says “results not typical”.

For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn. Romans 11:29

The truth is that God has given each of us our own specific call… our own gifts that he has given to us… and when we offer them back to him, he will show us things that go beyond all that we could ever ask or think! I believe that there will always be plenty to learn from others who have found success, but we each have our own road to walk and a great Guide to get us to the finish.


5 comments on “Results Not Typical

  1. Her cd’s aren’t released yet, you can pre-order them and get a signed copy. She will be on MTV soon.

  2. Dude, I just realized what your saying here. There have been 3 artist signed this past year from youtube, she has yet to be signed. There is a culture of folks doing this sort of thing on youtube with covers, originals, and collaborating with other youtube artist to make music. This is absolutely not a Non-typical results, being she isn’t even part of the results yet.

    People are controlling media more than ever now and record companies are seeing the results that your average Joe can be put out there and they are cashing in on what we are doing. We aren’t cashing in on them.

    Just some thoughts. She is pretty much just copying KT Tunstall, but with video. People say KT Tunstall copied Phil Keaggy, and so on. There is nothing new under the sun, especially in the music world, although lots of folks are making there own, which I celebrate with joy because of their talents!

  3. Well put my thought provoking friend!

    There is a book out there called “You were born an original, don’t die a copy!” – quick little read. It’s easy to do because we all want significance.

    There is nothing that will replace hitting your stride, finding your stroke, and (insert your own sports analogy here). We we do that…that is where true contentment lies. Getting to that place is the big hurdle.

  4. Dude – that is incredible!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. dlake108 – im gettin that book!!!

    my kids are very musical. they love a wide variety of different music. they often try to emulate their favorites. we encourage them to learn from it – but always insist they make it their own!!! because they have something unique that no one else has. we all do. we just shrink back, 2nd guess or just forget that sometimes.

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