Creative Chaos 26

This is such a cool think tank to be a part of; Every Thursday at ragamuffinsoul.com Carlos has a deal-io he calls Creative Chaos where you can post links to stuff that you have produced in church related media… and since he leaves it wide open on when stuff was produced, I decided to dig into my vault and put up a couple of sermon bumpers that I produced last year for a sermon series about the Book of Ecclesiastes. Give them a spin:

I love working in black and white… it seems to me that it always conveys an emotional feel right from the first frame. Your thoughts?

5 comments on “Creative Chaos 26

  1. Wow, those were good. I like the black and white approach.

  2. Good times at CCV. Nice cameo by Luke Wright!

    Steve: You’re a freakin Video Stud! You do great work buddy.

  3. Wow! Great stuff. I especially love the vibe of the music. Where’d you find it?

    The camerawork is great too. And that last guy on camera had a nice Rob Bell feel to him!

  4. Great stuff man. thanks for participating

  5. Carlos visited my blog?!?

    I can pretty much die happy now!

    Thanks, all, for the kind words!

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