What can happen in one year?

I’m the type of guy who remembers a lot of dates (easy ladies, I’m married) and thus am always mindful of the calendar and what I was doing in years past. This week marks one year since I left Phoenix to take a new job in Greenville, SC… In the last 12 months, so much has happened:

* Lived alone for several months while my family waited for our home to sell in Phoenix

* Celebrated Christmas & New Years in a state other than Arizona for the first time since 1971

* Finally sold the house in Phoenix after five months on the market for much less than we hoped for

* Bought a beautiful home in Greenville the day after the house in Phoenix closed. I was without a mortgage for about 12 whole hours

* Paid off my car. I will drive that Camry until the wheels fall off

* Gave a young man permission to ask my daughter for her hand in marriage

* Lost my 96 year old grandmother and got to attend her funeral in North Dakota where I saw some extended family members for the fist time in 25 years

* Resigned the position that I moved here to take

* Accepted a new position in Charleston, SC and started commuting back and forth as my schedule allows

* Put the house we just bought back on the market and are now trying desperately to sell it so that my family can join me in Charleston. (Interested? Drop me a line)

These are obviously just the bigger points and I feel like my head is spinning! Early last year, I told God and my wife that I was ready for an adventure… well, I guess it’s one of those times when you realize that you should be careful what you wish for! I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have some doubts at several points of this adventure… but God has shown such amazing faithfulness through it all. He has surrounded me with great new friends; those that I work with and others via the blog-world and through twitter… I’m nothing short of amazed at my new life.

What has your last year been like?


2 comments on “What can happen in one year?

  1. You know Mr. Murphy, I think we have the weirdest best-friend’s-dad relationship known to man. But your blog has yet to cease amazing me. It’s crazy to think what all can happen in a year. So you asked what my year has been like.
    In the past 12 months I have:
    -Graduated high school
    – Moved away from my family to a new town and started college
    -Nearly broke an ankle
    -Confirmed my fear of sushi
    -Marched in the nations 3rd largest parade
    -Flown to the opposite end of the country

    They’re a lot different from yours, but they’re accomplishments nonetheless. Have a great evening! :]

  2. Well, today marks the beginning of my 26th year. Last night I made a list of things that I either did or God did in my life during year #25…here are a few (hopefully non-boring) highlights.

    -I read 27 books and finished almost all of them (big deal for me).
    -I received two job changes, the 2nd one putting me in an unbelievable sweet spot.
    -I got a chance to have 3 great visits with extended family, one of which led me and my brother to know each other better in a cool way, which is a great desire of mine.
    -God delivered me from a long and painful season of weariness, discouragement, and a great desire to quit.
    -I started taking improv classes, which has led to relationships with unchurched beautifuls, as well as opening my world to another skill set that I am loving!
    -I moved to Summerville because my dear friend and roommate was getting married. And through the wedding process, I watched God give her the exact desire of her heart…gives me great hope for my own life!
    -I watched God deliver my mom and my dad from various struggles/fears/terrifying situations.
    -I walked through some hard times with my small group and marveled as these 10 mismatched girls rallied around each other and became a tight-knit family.
    -God has deepened my faith and my understanding of His grace.

    He is so good.

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