Somewhere back around April of this year I had an explosion of connectivity; I began reading countless blogs, started my own blog, and discovered the joy of twitter… it was like a whole new world opened up to me! It started off as a new way of networking… connecting with people who do what I do, whether in church media production or church work in general. My blogroll now consists of what I think is a manageable number of people that I have come to respect and admire for their honesty, authenticity, and talent.

As cool as these blogging and twitter connections have been, it ramped up a notch as I had a chance to meet a small handful of these folks face to face over the past couple of days at the Multi-Site Exposed Conference here at Seacoast Church:

Pete Wilson: Pete is the Senior Pastor at Crosspoint Church in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a man who is just as genuine as you might expect after reading his blog posts, watching his videos, or hearing him preach. He is not only passionate about reaching people for Christ, he also wants to see those people heaviily involved in a community of faith. If you don’t read Pete’s blog, start today… you will not be disappointed!

Drew Powell: Drew is the Creative Arts Pastor at the Beachside Church in Ormond Beach, Florida. I found Drew’s blog through another friend (Brewster), and have struck up a cool friendship through e-mails and twitter. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to have lunch with Drew and his pastor, Robbie… these guys are working to keep the momentum of growth going in ther church. Pray for this team as they look to branch out and reach their city with the love of Christ.

Shannon Greer: Shannon is a pastor at Bay Community Church in Daphne, Alabama. I stumbled into Shannon’s bog a couple of months ago and LOVED it! This is a guy who really loves God and his family. I was only able to spend about 10 minutes talking with Shannon, but it was still so cool to make a personal connection. His blog posts are so good for personal reflection… they always make me think, and I need more of that. Stop by and read some of his stuff… tell him I sent you!

These connections reminded me that no matter how many virtual connections we make, there is no substitue for person-to-person contact… it’s so great to have a face to go with a screen name and an avitar! Now, I look at my blogroll as a bucket list of sorts… I’d like to meet every one of them in person one day.

[Bonus connections: Dave Senes, Jenni Catron, Todd Rhodes]


5 comments on “Connections

  1. It was all my pleasure. I really enjoyed me time with you and the rest of the team. God is using you guys in amazing ways.

  2. It was so great to meet you in person! Thanks for the amazing hospitality at Seacoast!

  3. MURPH! “Its kind of pentecostal”….just kidding. much love homey. For the record, I can vouch for Jenni, Pete, and Drew…ALL great people and all people who are doing amazing things to help people experience the REAL God. What an awesome crew!

  4. I went to college with Shannon… didn’t know he was with Bayside. We were Big Brothers together for my wife’s sorority… cool to see what he’s up to. Thanks, MURPH!

  5. the whole crosspoint team had a blast at seacoast!

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