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200 Pomegranates

In an effort to enrich my mind, I have been trying to read more… cool thing is that in my new job, I seem to be surrounded by published authors! One such writer is my friend, Shawn Wood, who has recently released 200 Pomegranates and and Audience of One.

This is a simple yet challenging book that will cause you to re-evaluate who you are and what you are doing in God’s story. Shawn has done an amazing job at examining the life of an old testament character named Huram (1 Kings 7:15-17, 20-21, 22b NLT) who was asked to use his gifts to help build King Solomon’s temple. Through these few verses and some great stories from Shawn, you will see how God has wired each of us to do something great… and that our greatest achievements will bring glory to God and not ourselves.

There comes a point in your life where you have to decide if you will continue to live a life centered on yourself or if you will make the difficult choice of investing in things that will last. Do not be deceived by the ease with which I was able to write and you were able to read that last statement — this is the hardest thing that any human has to do in his or her life. It’s a pretty scary moment actually — maybe some of you can remember the moment in your life when you had to make that pivotal choice. You found yourself making a decision based on what was best for another person rather than what was best for yourself. You decided to give away your time, talents, and financial resources rather than look for a way to keep them for yourself. You may have even given up your right to a dream so that the dreams of others close to you could be met. It is during these times of decision that we have to really look inside ourselves to see who we are. We call this process “self examination” in the area of spiritual disciplines. It’s a time when we see who we are and choose to be better or to be worse. There is no staying the same. (pp. 60, 200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One)

Please, do yourself a favor and get a copy of this book. I believe that you will gain a new perspective on how God has uniquely gifted you to do amazing things… and how when you offer those gifts back to him you can know what it means to perform for an audience of one.


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