How to be Rich

We have been throwing around a lot of ideas at Seacoast recently about our next sermon series, “How to be Rich”. Just in title alone you can imagine how difficult this one is… it’s not exactly the best time to be talking about money in any context… but I think we all recognize that people are looking for answers and hope in such an uncertain time. I’m praying for our pastor as he begins to prepare for the four weeks the we will dive in to how God factors in to our economy.

I came across this video and after I finished laughing, I realized just how thankful we should all be with what we have…and I love that something as simple as a comedian on a late-night talk show can shed a great deal of light on how childish we can be. Enjoy:

Any of that ring true for you?

6 comments on “How to be Rich

  1. This is the best video I’ve seen in a long time.

    Having been on a flight last week…people DO feel “entitled”.

    I had 3 kids on the plane by myself. Everytime we took off or landed, my kids put their hands in the air like it was a roller coaster. The grown ups thought it was cute. They have become immune to the amazing things in life.

  2. funny stuff man…

  3. That was AWESOME! How true…

  4. Brilliant!

    I don’t like your blog huh 🙂

  5. […] week, we discussed Americans entitlement. My buddy Steve posted this video the other day and I had to bring it over here. […]

  6. Dude, that was classique! Very funny. Thanks for the post. Do you know who the comedian is?

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