Leadership: The Crap Trickles Down Too

I haven’t had a leadership post for a while, but I found a great one that really needs to be used! Tapping Phil Cooke again… He really has some great insights! Enjoy.

People are quick to point out that leaders are role models, and that employees or team members pick up great leadership traits from the top man or woman.  But the uncomfortable truth is, they also pick up bad habits as well.  There’s a CEO that we’ve worked with from time who time who’s arrogant, always late for meetings, and extremely impressed with himself.  We had a conference call recently with one of his subordinates, and guess what?  His employee was 15 minutes late for the call, never made an apology, acted arrogant, and was pretty impressed with himself.

Leaders – be aware of the impact – good and bad – that you have on employees and subordinates.  And everyone else – make sure the traits you model from your leader are positive and transcend the workplace.  Otherwise, the poop will just continue to roll downhill…


5 comments on “Leadership: The Crap Trickles Down Too

  1. This def. happens in a church between pastor & the congregation.

    My old church had a women’s ministry leader (the pastor’s wife) who was extremely hurtful & unaccepting. The entire women’s ministry ended up being a popularity contest. I’m sure it wasn’t all her fault. But I remember when the shift happened & her attitude def. had something to do w/ it.

    Good reminder.

  2. Good News: you reap what you sow.
    Bad News: you reap what you sow.

  3. great quote…totally agree with that

  4. I agree with this as well, I’ve seen/am seeing this happen in both my church and office world for the good and bad.

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