Happy Birthday, Kid-o

She says she reads my blog on a regular basis… this will be a test of that claim!

Dateline; October 30, 1987… After a rather strong and unexpected storm in Phoenix, Arizona, my very pregnant wife went into labor…which was just fine with her since she was more than a week past-due. I will always remember her calling to me from the bathroom at 5:30 AM…. “Wake up! My water just broke!”

Later that day, we thought that we would have our first baby by that same evening… this was not to be as my wife’s labor seemed to stall out… it wasn’t until late that evening that it was decided that we would leave the drive-through section of the hospital (an area for those who can stop-drop-roll in just 24 hours) and be admitted where mama could get the extra inducement and good drugs to make it through this amazing event.

VERY early the next morning, after about an hour of pushing, our sweet baby girl was born. After all the oohs and aahs from grandparents, aunts and uncles, we were left alone… mama needed some long over-due sleep and I was holding my daughter. I remember the nurse coming in and asking me if she should take the baby to the nursery so I could rest too… “No thanks, she and I are OK”. I pulled a chair over to the window, laid my daughter in my lap, and talked to her… I honestly don’t know how long we sat like that, but in those amazing first moments I was able to tell her about everything I wanted for her life. I told her about her family, past and present… I told her about Jesus, and that my greatest desire for her was to know him and follow him. That will always be one of the single greatest times in my life.

Today, Larissa turns 21. She is a Junior in college in Arkansas, working hard towards a degree in teaching. She loves kids and I believe that she will be a great teacher! She is engaged to be married next summer… and I believe that she will take what she has learned from her mother and will be a wonderful wife. I am so proud of the confident young woman she is becoming. My greatest joy is that she loves Jesus… she loves to read his word and worship him… as a follower of Christ, this is one of my greatest rewards.

Happy birthday, kid-o… please know today that you are loved, you are missed and you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly.


4 comments on “Happy Birthday, Kid-o

  1. wow.

    now, this is a day i do and don’t look forward to the most. congratulations on the successful raising of a beautiful and spiritually stable human. that’s quite a feat.

    and, enjoy those ribs tonight. 😉

  2. Murph…you da man. Near tear for me. Congrats.

  3. You have no idea what it can do for a daughter to hear her dad talk about her like that.

    Happy Bday Larissa.

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