It comes down to ONE thing

When I started this blog, I honestly never thought about getting into politics…but,

With just hours before the election, I am so tired of all the campaigns, the promises, the mud slinging… The truth is that I am not crazy about either candidate for President. Neither one completely addresses all of the things that I find important. What it boils down to is one single item, life… and how life is valued. I wrote in a previous post about being adopted; I very easily could have ended up in a bucket, unidentifiable and dead. That may be hard for some to consider, but for me, as long as I have known about the act of abortion I have been keenly aware of what could have happened to me. That realization even precedes my faith…

So, you can talk all you want about the economy, taxes, social issues, international issues… people will always have their own agendas and opinions, most of which bore me to tears. For me, it all comes down to one critical issue, LIFE.

Talk all you want about how speeches and sound bites can be skewed to make it look like the candidates are saying whatever you want… this is an issue that is cut and dry… and I’m dumb-founded on how anyone who follows Jesus can consider voting for someone so adamantly against protecting the lives of unborn children… including referring to them as a “mistake”.

I obviously can’t get everything I want in a candidate, so if I have to take what I can get… I will take life.

I’m Steve Murphy and I approved this blog.


4 comments on “It comes down to ONE thing

  1. Wow, that is unreal and horrible. I didn’t realize he was so pro abortion. Thanks for posting this video. I try to keep out of politics but glad you shared this.

  2. I’m disgusted w/ myself.

    I used to be pro-abortion.

    I’ve had abortions.

    I’m now pro-life.

    I’m voting based on this issue because it is a heart issue. It tells me where McCain’s heart is, and where Obama’s heart ISN’T.

  3. As one who was adopted at birth, prior to Roe v Wade, Im so thankful that my birth mother didnt get a choice. My adoptive mother is thankful, my children are thankful, the kids I work with at Generations are thankful, the people in my Christ Life class are thankful, the Praise Choir in which I sing is thankful. I could go on. Im sure Mr. Obama could care less. After all, I was a mistake.

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