Have you been to this church?

I have been to this church, and I will never go back. How many others will never come back to this place, or anything remotely like it?

Does your church resemble or resist this?


4 comments on “Have you been to this church?

  1. I love it! I think we have to constantly challenge ourselves to think like that of someone walking in for the first time. It is SUPER hard to do, but is SO important!

  2. I used to GO to that church!!

    GCC isn’t at all like that…

  3. Very nice – and makes me stop and evaluate what we are doing. We think we dont come across as weird – but do we?

  4. wow… just wow.
    how did all that happen, anyway?
    where in the world did all those really bad ideas come from?
    can the church just have a do over?

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