16 Things

Inspired by a new blog-buddy, Jana… I submit my 16 things:

1. My wife & I started dating when we were 16.

2. My work in church started as a youth ministry volunteer… I still love to speak to youth groups when ever I can.

3. I started working in television production by taking an eight hour public access class at a small cable company, then working for free shooting high school football games for 3 years.

4. My free TV work eventually lead to a fairly long career in sports television that started with local work in Phoenix, AZ, then traveling the US for ESPN, NBC, ABC and many others… then internationally when I was privileged to have worked the games of the 2004 Olympics.

5. I left broadcast television to pursue work in Christian media ministry in 2005.

6. The combined attendance of the 3 churches I have worked for is +/- 28,000 people

7. I need coffee to be human… I don’t drink if for me, I drink it for those I love… OK, I drink it for me!

8. I pierced my ear myself on a dare by a friend when I was 16.

9. I used to do wedding photography.

10. My first job was at Burger King.

11. My first car was a ’69 Chevelle.

12. I was adopted shortly after birth; my 2 kids are the only blood-relatives that I know.

13. I hate rye bread.

14. I suck at golf, but I am amazing at paintball.

15. I can do very little without music playing.

16. I will learn to play the guitar as soon as possible.

Don’t wait for some one to tag you… post your 16 things so we can learn more about you!


5 comments on “16 Things

  1. i am loving reading peoples 16 things. i’m doing mine later this morning.

    ok. so i HAVE to have coffee too. but i dont drink caffeine. i think im addicted to the “experience” of it all.


  2. Awesome this! I, too, am not human without coffee. I didn’t get one until 9 today (I’ve been up since 5:30) and was on the brink of insanity LOL.

  3. I’m in. I’ll have my 16 things up shortly. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ha. I just did something like this on facebook. I should just cross post it to my blog.

    Oh, and just to prove that I WAS reading, you worked on the 2004 Olympics, not the 2008 my friend… : )

  5. Alrighty. I’m all posted up over at my blog. Go take a look and see how much more exciting your life is than mine… πŸ™‚

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