Sleep Deprivation

How did you sleep?

Get some sleep.

I need some sleep

Random topic? Yes. Maybe it’s just another sign of getting older… but sleep is something that I think about a lot. Mostly because I never feel like I can get enough of it. What’s interesting is that sleep seems to be the one component in life that we have absolutely no control over. You can eat all the right foods, exercise, drive safely, etc in order to take care of yourself, but you can’t force yourself to sleep.

2088252449_5cbeef48dc_mSadly, I feel stuck in a vicious cycle; I don’t sleep well… so I drag my lug-butt out of bed and start pouring coffee like it’s about to be outlawed (scary thought, right?). Drinking too much coffee keeps me up late so I don’t sleep well… so I drag my… (you get the point).

The thing that stays on my mind is how the lack of sleep affects so much of my day… maybe I’m obsessed! But, it’s also simple science:

Without adequate rest, the brain’s ability to function quickly deteriorates. The brain works harder to counteract sleep deprivation effects, but operates less effectively: concentration levels drop, and memory becomes impaired.

Similarly, the brain’s ability to problem solve is greatly impaired. Decision-making abilities are compromised, and the brain falls into rigid thought patterns that make it difficult to generate new problem-solving ideas. Insufficient rest can also cause people to have hallucinations. Other typical effects of sleep deprivation include:

  • depression
  • heart disease
  • hypertension
  • irritability
  • slower reaction times
  • slurred speech
  • tremors
[source: www.sleep-deprivation.com]

I love how I feel on those odd days when I have gotten a really good night’s rest… so alert, so productive, but sadly, so short-lived. Sadder still… I feel as though I’ve lost my ability to take a nap! I love naps… from what I can remember! Sometimes I wish my mom was still around to make me take a nap.

So, I’m curious… How much sleep do you get? …for that matter, is there something that you do that seems to help you get good sleep?


6 comments on “Sleep Deprivation

  1. You hit a hot topic for me right now. Since getting involved in a startup back in 2000 at the same time that the first of our children was born, I have been in sleep debt. These days I regularly get about 5 hours per night. Bad nights it drops down to 4 hours. Friday nights it can go as high as 7 hours.

    I always seem to get a better night’s sleep (regardless of number of hours) if I feel like I accomplished something significant that day. Likewise, if I feel like I let something slip or dropped the ball, it’s not as good.

    Whenever I fast from caffeine I also sleep better. Well, once the headaches end.

  2. I’m usually a 8-9 hour person. Now that I’m on medication I’m lucky if I get anywhere between 3-6. Yuck! I feel crazy on little sleep.

  3. Usually 6 hours. I should get more, but I function pretty well on just that. Sleep is a waste of time to me. I’d rather be wasting time some other way than sleeping.

  4. i HAVE To have 8 hours – and even then I dont wake up well. I dont do caffeine or sugar after 2PM. Best things to help

    1) memory foam mattress changed my life! We have a sealy 11″ memory foam – its heaven!
    2) a shot of nyquil will put me right out. I think of it as non-prescription Lunesta – LOL
    3) Tequila works too 😉

    Now if I could figure out how to get my wife to stop snoring!

  5. Around 7 hours a night.

    I never read or watch tv in my room, it’s just for sleeping.

    I keep a notepad by the bed. That way if I’m staying awake trying to remember what to do in the morning, I can write it down so I’ll stop thinking about it.

  6. I just watched what a tired boy Michael Phelps is on 60 Ministues. It wore me out watching. Most nights I am a 6 hour girl, with a bladder and a cat that wakes me at 4 no matter what. I think sleep is wasted on the young. I also think naps are a thing of beauty when they can happen. My mom always had nap rules. I decided not to have any, except, don’t sleep in staff meetings, or church.

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