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My week of techno-leap

I will admit that I have become a web 2.0 geek… the way that the old www has advanced in the last year + just amazes me! This past week I experienced a bit of a quantum leap in an area that already seems to be traveling at the speed of light. It started Tuesday with the discovery of TokBox. Now, while I’ve been familiar with video chatting online, TokBox takes is to a whole – nutha – level! It has a similarity to Facebook in that you keep a list of “friends” whose availability shows up in a box on the right side of your browser. See a friend on line.. call ’em up!

TokBox sessionI snapped this shot with my phone Tuesday night as I chatted with several friends, some old and some new. Perhaps it was the new-ness of the program, or maybe it was because we were all just a bunch of knuckleheads… but we had a blast! Many jokes = many laughs… get yourself a webcam and hop on this application. I can only imagine how cool this will be for families to stay in touch.

dabbleNext: Last night at about 10:30 PM, I get a TokBox call from my pastor (of all people… so glad he’s a geek like me!). He tells me that he is sending me an invitation… a quick check of my email and I’m in a “white board session” via an application called DabbleBoard. This is a site that makes impossible meetings possible! All the people in your session have the ability to contribute to this white board… text, drawings, images… and then you can save it all and download it. Combined with something like tokbox, you can be in a meeting anywhere in the world. We are looking to use things like this at Seacoast Church right away… now, 12 campuses in cities near and far don’t seem very far away at all.


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