My Sunday Morning

Every now and then people ask me, “What do you do at Seacoast?” …so I thought I’d give you the real condensed version of what my Sunday mornings look like. Give it a spin:

Consider this a challenge… make a video of yourself at work and post it so I can watch!

11 comments on “My Sunday Morning

  1. cool video! Love that it’s a VENTI Starbucks!

  2. How fun! I’ll try putting up a video this week – well, that is if we ever get out of the house! 10″ snow and more to come tonight…

  3. Cool video! Glad to get to know you a tad better. Too bad I can’t ever post a video of my day at work!! Have a blessed Christmas!!

  4. Thanks for sharing that video. It was really interesting! I’m such a geek, and I got so excited seeing all the gadgets!

  5. Great video. Fun idea! Nice setup you have there.

  6. Dude. that was cool.

    My sunday is like…race…AHHHHHHH! Praise Jesus.

    thanks for the vid…it’s good to see your mug, my friend. Perhaps one day you can give me some blog lessons. Mine is no longer purpose driven.

    ; )

  7. Nice!

    You must be a video guy or something šŸ™‚

  8. Wish I could say my job was as cool as yours. My job outside of Sunday is complicated but I’ll see if I can get a video up next week.

  9. I don’t think anyone wants to see a vid of my folding laundry, washing dishes, mopping & wiping butts.

    Besides I hate Windows movie maker. Waiting for a Mac.

  10. That was a good video. Looks like a lot of fun to me. I run the sound at my church and I am part of our newly formed sermon planning/media team. We are currently a small congregation that averages around 175-190 on a Sunday morning, but we are in the process of improving that number. We would like to see it double by this time next year. We have a new, young pastor (he is 32) with a lot of good ideas and he is open to trying all kinds of new things. So hopefully we will get there soon. I would love to work in an enviornment where I had the knowledge and access to work with video/media equipment all the time. I have just started getting into motion graphics with Adobe After Effects and it has been a lot of fun.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. Hopefully I can meet you at the Dirt Conference in November. Keep up the good work.


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